Friday, May 19, 2017

Indian Man Gets Life Imprisonment For Beheading 14 Year Old Son As Sacrifice For Rituals

A court in Chhattisgarh has sentenced a 38year old father to life imprisonment for killing his minor son in case of human sacrifice.

Judge of Raigarh Special court, Manish Kumar Naidu, sentenced the man identified as, Ranvijay Bharti, for life imprisonment, for the murder of his son and court also imposed a fine of Rs 5,000 on him

According to India Times, Bharti who is a resident of Bhagwanpur village under Kotraroad police station limit had beheaded his 14-year-old son Chandan in a human sacrifice ritual for the well-being of his family after he came across a book on black magic while visiting the house of one of his relatives. 

After reading it, he planned the killing of his son to overcome his troubles. The teenager’s decapitated body was found near the burial ground in the outskirts of the village on 7 January 2016.

Bharti was arrested on the basis of evidence and clue collected from the CCTV footage. Later during interrogation, Bharti confessed that he killed his son to overcome financial and family issues.


  1. Serve him right even though the punishment can't match his crime

  2. Strange things dey happen for India too o.

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  4. Death sentence would have being the best and not inprisonment